Alabama Tax Redemption Affidavit (2 Free Samples)

alabama tax redemption affidavit sample screenshot

Are you considering applying for an Alabama tax redemption affidavit after failing to fulfill your tax obligations? Before you do, read this article to understand the process. To prepare an Alabama tax redemption affidavit, you will need to know what it is and where you need it for tax redemption in the state of Alabama. … Read more

What is Affidavit of Marriage

The Affidavit of Marriage is the type of affidavit that allows you to register your marriage legally and as well as the date and location. The Affidavit of Marriage cannot by signed by one person only, both partners are required and they should include both of their informations on the affidavit and put their signatures … Read more

Beginners Guide To Financial Affidavit

Financial Affidavit is a type of affidavit that is used to list all of your assets, liabilities, debts and income. In simple words, it describes your complete current financial situation. Financial Affidavit is also known as net worth statements, financial statements, financial disclosure affidavit and statements of financial affairs. You might be thinking that where … Read more

Affidavit Of Divorce – How To Write One

The affidavit of divorce allows both people in a marriage to end their marital status legally. However, filing for a divorce isn’t easy, both of you will also have to file for the financial affidavit, which allows the fair division of the properties or assets between both individuals. When an individual weds another individual then … Read more

How To Write Affidavit of Residence

Affidavit of Residence is a kind of affidavit which is used by an affiant to mention the correct and current residential address. Just like with any other affidavit document, the Residency Affidavit should be notarized or signed by a notary public. Without an affidavit of residence, you won’t be able to admit your child/children to … Read more

Beginners Guide To Legal Name Change Process

Is there a need for a legal name change? Yeah. There are a bunch of scenarios where you need to change your old name to a new one, a good example where this can be useful, is marriage or divorce. For situations like above, you will need an Affidavit of Name Change to change your … Read more

Beginners Guide To Writing Affidavit of Support

Affidavit of Support is a type of affidavit that needs to be notarized and signed by an individual who wants to sponsor any person like a relative, friend etc. The person that signs on that document is simply saying that he/she takes the financial burden of the person that is coming to the US. Once … Read more

Affidavit of Name Change – Affidavit Guide

You might have guessed already why this type of affidavit is used. Well, if you haven’t then here you go; its a type of affidavit that is used for the intention of changing or modifying the first and the last name. It is very useful in conditions where you want more than one name and … Read more