Affidavit of Name Change – Affidavit Guide

You might have guessed already why this type of affidavit is used. Well, if you haven’t then here you go; its a type of affidavit that is used for the intention of changing or modifying the first and the last name. It is very useful in conditions where you want more than one name and beneficiaries want your name to be registered in a legal way.

Affidavit of Name Change, just like other affidavits, is a legal document that verifies your legally chosen name and ensures that it meets the criteria and contains no inappropriate words. The person that submits the affidavit of name change is known as affiant. Some common case scenarios where you may require name change affidavit are after marriage, divorce or many other scenarios.

Affidavit of Same Name

An affidavit of same name provides you with the benefits of having multiple or new legal names for you. In order to receive the affidavit of same name, you will have to verify your identity by bringing in a blood relative that is willing to sign on the affidavit.

There’s also another document which is known as Same Name Affidavit, which allows you or the person that requires that affidavit to list all the legal names in the document, for example; maiden name, post marriage name and new name. The same name affidavit registers all those names legally to be used by you.

Affidavit of One and the Same Person

The Affidavit of One and the Same Person is a type of affidavit that verifies that the different name of that person found on documents actually belongs to that same person.

This is type of affidavit can be very useful in situations where you’ve wrote your name with a spelling error or a missing second name and that’s where the Affidavit of One and the Same Person comes in handy.

Name Change Certificate

As the name of this document suggests, Name Change Certificate is a type of document that allows you to authenticate your legal information. It basically lists all the name changes that you’ve made in your lifetime.
However, getting a name change certificate isn’t as easy as it sounds but also isn’t that difficult. You just have to gather all the right documents to show as evidence and once those documents are approved, you will be given your Name Change Certificate.

You might be thinking that what’s the difference between Name Change Certificate and Affidavit of Name Change. Well, don’t worry because I’m about to explain it to you in the simplest possible words.

There aren’t much differences between both of them. However, there’s one crucial difference and that is a Name Change Certificate is issued by the court and allows you to replace your legal name on all of your documents. Whereas, the Affidavit of Name Change allows you to add those other names to your legal identity and it is not issued by the court.