Affidavit Of Divorce – How To Write One

The affidavit of divorce allows both people in a marriage to end their marital status legally. However, filing for a divorce isn’t easy, both of you will also have to file for the financial affidavit, which allows the fair division of the properties or assets between both individuals.

When an individual weds another individual then an affidavit of marriage is filed in order to register that wedding legally and the same thing applies if the couple wants to separate, they will have to fill out an affidavit of divorce. But, getting a divorce affidavit can be a bit of a hassle compared to getting the marriage one, there are certain rules that you have to follow in order to obtain the affidavit of divorce.

Affidavit of Divorce

Affidavit is basically a legal document that enables a person to provide authentic reasons and facts that can be useful in validating the truthfulness in your claim. In order to get a divorce, you will have to fill the divorce affidavit and have signatures from affiants. The reason I specified “affiants” is because you will need two affiants, one from your side and one from your wife/husband’s side. Additionally, both of you will also have to provide an Affidavit of Finance, which will be very useful in the division of your assets.

Once the above said things are done, you will be able to legally call off your marriage.

Affidavit of Service in Divorce

Affidavit of Service is a type of affidavit that can be very useful in situations of a contested divorce, it is a type of divorce in which the spouses cannot agree on a particular issue in order to call off their marriage. The affidavit of service allows a person to use it as a proof of doing their part of service in the court. Otherwise, the court will reject their case.

Writing an Affidavit of Divorce

Before jumping to the writing section of the article, let us first talk about the documents that are important for filing a divorce. Below, you will find out which documents are required by the court in order to get a divorce:

  • Original and copy of your marriage certificate
  • Original as well as two photocopies of your petition
  • Original as well as two photocopies of various affidavit documents such as consent, parenting, financial, etc.

Now that we have all the necessary documents in our hand, let us move forward on writing the actual divorce affidavit. Below, you will find some important steps that you can follow in order to properly write your affidavit of divorce:

  • Before writing the affidavit, you will first have to get it from your specific district court or you can also opt-in for the online version
  • Go to the court clerk and get the copy of court rules for yourself
  • Grab a notebook and write down all the facts that you are going to write down in the affidavit and make sure that those facts comply with the court rules
  • Write down party names, court address, case name and number in the top section of the affidavit
  • After that, start writing the facts in the body of the affidavit and make sure to keep them short and to the point
  • Put your signature in the affidavit and also get the signature and stamp of the notary or else it won’t hold any value in the court