Beginners Guide To Legal Name Change Process

Is there a need for a legal name change? Yeah. There are a bunch of scenarios where you need to change your old name to a new one, a good example where this can be useful, is marriage or divorce.

For situations like above, you will need an Affidavit of Name Change to change your legal name. But you might be wondering, what if I want to change my first name instead of the last, can I do that? Yes, you certainly can change your first name as well. However, a police verification is required to see the legitimacy of you changing your name. In order to change your name, you will have to submit an affidavit.

If you are looking to change your last name, then you can do it just like your first name. You will have to file a name change affidavit to make any changes you like to your last name.

Is Husband Allowed To Take Wife’s Last Name?

Husband is able to change his last name to Wife’s last name. There are plenty of men that have married rich women and have often attached their last name with their own name. However, things are a little difficult for men trying to take their wife’s last name but certainly not impossible. The person that is filing for a such affidavit, have to present an affiant as well, in order to submit the Name Change Affidavit.

How To Obtain The Legal Name Change Certificate and Document?

Let us first begin with the Name Change Document and how to obtain it. It is the type of document that is used when one is willing to change his/her legal name. If you don’t know what a legal name is then it is the combination of a person’s first and last name that is either specified on the ID or can be used on legal documentations.

Secondly, the Name Change Certificate. In order to obtain this piece of document, you will have to take your name change documents to a court clerk, where he/she will give you a simple form to fill, fee voucher and tell you which documents are required. If everything goes well, you will be given your name change certificate.

You might be wondering that what kind of documents to show to the clerk. Well, do not worry anymore because right below this line, you can see a list of documents that can be used to change your legal name:

  • Court Order
  • Adoption Decree
  • Public Record Documents
  • Divorce Decree
  • Marriage Documents

Name Change Affidavit

The Name Change Affidavit is used to make sure that your new legal name contains no inappropriate words in it. It is also useful after marriage and divorce as well.

You might be asking right now that is this affidavit enough to change your legal name? Well, it partially is. Most countries consider the affidavit of the name change as a document that is enough to change your name. However, there are also some other places that require you to publish your legal name change in a newspaper gazettes as well.

In order to get your name change affidavit, you will have to go to your district’s local court and file a petition for name change. Once the court approves your application, you are good to submit your affidavit.