What is Affidavit of Marriage

The Affidavit of Marriage is the type of affidavit that allows you to register your marriage legally and as well as the date and location. The Affidavit of Marriage cannot by signed by one person only, both partners are required and they should include both of their informations on the affidavit and put their signatures on it.

The Affidavit of Marriage is a very important legal document to have for both partners and it acts as a legal proof that you and your partner are officially married in the eye of the law. Both spouses have to swear at the time of signing the affidavit. You have to be legally eligible to be able to sign the affidavit, for example; you should be sharing expenses, should have permanent residence, should meet the criteria for age, etc.

Why an Affidavit of Marriage is required?

An Affidavit of Marriage is very important document and can be used legally instead of a lost marriage certificate. There are countless scenarios where you may need to show your Marriage Affidavit to prove that you are married. It can also be used if you are trying to file for a divorce or if you are divorced and need to show that your were married in the past. The Affidavit of Marriage is also known as joint affidavit of marriage.

Spousal Affidavit

Most people confuse Spousal Affidavit with Marriage Affidavit but in reality they are both very different from each other. The Spousal Affidavit is mostly not required in a normal male and female wedding but is only required in the same sex marriage. The purpose of this affidavit is to legalize the same sex relationship between two people. This affidavit helps two people to live together without performing any marriage like customs. However, in order to obtain the Spousal Affidavit, the two individuals should be living together for a time period of an year or more.

How To Fill Affidavit of Marriage Form?

If you don’t know how to fill an Affidavit of Marriage then don’t worry because I’m about to show you how its done.

So, first you will need to specify that whether its only “you” thats filling the form or both spouses are filling it. If your case is related to the first one then select “single” otherwise select “joint”.

After that you need to specify the marriage certificate state and the original date when the certificate was issued. At the end, you just need to input your country and state where you are going to sign the marriage affidavit.