What is an Affidavit of Eligibility and Why Do You Need One? – Affidavit Guide

If you’ve ever taken part in any sweepstakes activity then you’d be familiar with this affidavit. If you haven’t then it is basically an affidavit that allows a specific individual to declare that he won the competition. Not all ask for the affidavit of eligibility but you should always read their documents because there may ask you to return a completely filled affidavit of eligibility. It is used to allow you to participate in a competition and win the prize.

If you have never heard about an affidavit of eligibility and don’t know how to fill it then don’t worry because I’m about to guide you through the entire process, from filling in the affidavit to submitting.

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What is an Affidavit of Eligibility?

An affidavit of eligibility is a type of legal document that offers transparency between the winner of the competition and the organization. You may also be required to submit a completed affidavit before taking part in the competition. Even if you aren’t going to take part in any but you should know about the importance of such affidavit. You will not be able to get your reward if you don’t submit the affidavit.

Below, you are going to see a small list of scenarios where an affidavit of eligibility can be useful:

Case 1: You can use this affidavit to prove that you are eligible to take part in the competition and you can later claim your reward.

Case 2: The organization can ask you to submit the affidavit to verify his/her eligibility.

Why Do Organizations Ask For Affidavit of Eligibility?

The organizations do this in order to verify the eligibility of the winners. They do this to make sure that the right person should get the reward and it also helps prevent fraudulent activities. Below are given few reasons about why an organization asks for an affidavit:

  • To verify that the entered information is 100% correct.
  • To make sure that you followed the rules.
  • To make sure that you don’t have any issues regarding the terms and conditions.

Most of the time, there’s also another field that asks you if they can show your name or photo if you win the competition for advertising purposes. You should carefully fill in the information in order to claim your prize without any hurdle. Furthermore, they may ask you for your social security number and you will have to give it to them if you would like to claim your reward. But that typically only applies for winnings above $600.

You should always read everything carefully and maybe read it twice to see if you comply and agree with all the rules and regulations. What most people do is that they get too excited and they just sign everything without even looking at it and later they are found in an ocean of problems. So, make sure to read before signing your affidavit. If you are unable to understand what’s written on the document then you can seek help from a legal counsel.

Make sure to notarize the affidavit before submitting and for that you will need the help of a notary. A document without notarizing holds no legal value at all. So, make sure to complete all the steps before submitting your affidavit of eligibility.